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Tamron 70-180 review

Updated: Jul 2

I've recently bought a Tamron 70-180mm 2.8 lens that has checked off everything I could have wanted when buying a mid-super telephoto zoom. I took it on a trip to Sedona, Arizona this past month and it performed better than expected. The onboard optical stabilization was a godsend, seeing that I couldn't always attach my gimbal to my rig, so handheld was my go-to. The videography side of things was on point and nailed focus whenever I needed it, I never found it "hunting" for its subject. My second shooter has the Sony 70-200 GM2 and that is a beyond fantastic lens and is almost superior in every way. I would say that this is an affordable option for those not needing something as demanding as the Sony. You can watch plenty of videos online going over this lens and it does a great job with videography and photography on my Sony A7S3.

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