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Shooting for yourself as a videographer

Have you found yourself shooting and not understanding why you're still shooting? There is a burn out in every field or profession, and videography is no exception. Finding the time to go and do what you love to do and find that "spark" again in your creativity is just as important as marketing and shooting all the time. Here I would like to give you a few tips on ways to keep your creativity top notch, and I'll admit I need to do a lot of these more often myself and plan to hold myself more accountable on these principles.

- Plan a trip to shoot your own video: Going on a personal adventure into a new state or country to shoot a personal film or video can do a kickstart to your creativity that wouldn't have been there before. do a quick outline of your goal that you want to shoot (Milky Way time-lapse, drone shots of your favorite city, interviewing random people about a top that intrigues you etc.)

- Make your upcoming project fresh: Downloading new plugins and effects for your new upcoming project to make it "fresh" is something that is way underrated. This allows you to go in and make a project that will look different then your previous work because you are using new ways to edit. This helps a lot when I feel like I've hit a wall on my work. I would recommend going to to get some new effects.

- Rent a new piece of gear: I know everyone always wants a new piece of kit that makes them better. But it has helped me feel like I'm at the "cutting edge" of my field when I buy a new piece of gear and really makes me want to go use that gear and can be inspiring. I recommend as my official place to rent gear.

- Watch a few videos from your favorite filmmaker: I always like visiting people that inspire me and go look at their work to get inspiration from. Sometimes this can have the opposite effect because it can seem daunting to be able to achieve such an awesome level of talent, but you can try to emulate somethings they did in their film to implement into your next film. Copying is not a good idea, but trying to achieve the same thing they did will help hone your skills and make you feel like you are progressing.

I plan on having a few more tips along the way, but I wanted to post this to all my fellow videographers out there. Reach out if you have questions or need some Inspo!

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