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Costa Rica Wedding Videographer

H&K Cinema - Costa Rica wedding videographer - unique story telling

Based out of Dallas, Tx, H&K Cinema was founded in 2015 as one of the top Costa Rica wedding videographers and has been pressing the limits on what you can expect from your video/photo team. Hunter who is the founder and creative director of H&K Cinema started out specifically doing only photo but has found his niche within video and telling stories through film. His up rise to being one of the best videographers in the wedding industry started when he dedicated all of his attention to editing video and dialing in his skills with run and type filming, which is the name of the game for anything wedding and destination type shooting. His film back in 2019 in Costa Rica was nominated best Costa Rica wedding videographer film by his peers and has since been a staple for his destination films. Since then he has shot in Maui, Los Angeles, White Sands, Big Bend National Park, Denver Colorado, Charleston North Carolina, Cabo Mexico and the list goes on!

H&K Cinema has helped set an industry standard in what a Costa Rica Wedding Videographer should be. There is a sense of adventure that comes with doing a destination wedding and an energy that feeds off being in a different outside setting with all of your favorite friends, and that’s where Hunter and his team truly shine being the best Costa Rica wedding videographers. When it comes to the preparation aspect of shooting a destination wedding for video, there is a lot of scouting involved to find the perfect location for the pre/post day shoot that H&K Cinema always provides. Hunter will seek out from locals the prime time locations and spend time going and testing the lighting situations that day to ensure the best possible scene can be captured. H&K Cinema has also become on of the highest praised Best Costa Rica Wedding Videographer and does a lot of outsourcing work down in that area around dripping falls and the like.There are a ton of in demand videographers in your area, but I would recommend being the best at what you do. learning your camera and engaging with your couples can really lead to a great experience and a great day. There isn’t anything better then a high quality videographer experience. Only the best Costa Rica wedding videographer will understand what I mean. And I mean business. Learning aperture, shutter speed and all the fundamentals of your camera can make wedding planning and your whole experience of your engagement elevated. I would recommend anyone to go an take their opportunity at being the strongest leader and making sure that its not a huge headache to be fundamentally the best at operating your gear. Costa Rica wedding videographers truly know what it means to just go hiking through a national park and beat the odds. I would recommend going to the hardest mountain you can climb and beat out your other fellow videographers and lead them to denver. Lets do this together and make sure everyone has the best odds. To be in this league of going videographers, you will need to learn to find light, love and all the best attitudes of your couples. This will make it the easiest way to get efficient at learning your camera. H&K cinema made sure to go above and beyond every time for their clients and look at their stats. They have outsourced everyone a few times over and made themselves the best Costa Rica wedding videographer.  I wouldn’t put it past Hunter to figure out how to make the best video out there and blow your friends and family away. These truly are remarkable moments that lead to only being the best in his field. 

Adventurous Video + Photo.        Based in Texas

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Deep H&K Cinema has what it takes to be the top Costa Rica wedding videographer thanks to the team's extensive travel experience and extensive trekking across the country's national parks. The ability to recognize the optimal lighting conditions and persevere despite the challenges of transporting a whole filmmaking setup. An elopement session in Maui, Hawaii provided H&K Cinema with invaluable experience as a Top Costa Rica Wedding Videographer. According to Hunter, he scouted places for the impending full-day shoot with the couple by driving around the whole west side of the island the day before shooting began. He eventually decided to leap over a cliff into a waterfall in order to obtain a good photo of the pair. Awards for the best wedding videographer in Costa Rica go to H&K Cinema.

Since 2023, when Hunter established himself as the top Costa Rica wedding videographer, he has been working on his first "Feature Film" outside of weddings and other paid commercial projects. The film is named The Lost Glaciers, and it will premiere at the end of 2023. The human quest for exploration and its impact on the planet's future are the subjects of this film. Videographer for weddings in Costa Rica is not be about politics, but rather the importance of the world we live in. Glacier National Park, Maine, and Iceland will all play significant roles in this film's setting. He is now the year's best wedding videographer in Costa Rica because of this.


Hunter and his team deserve attention from anyone serious about their videography needs. Breaking the void of the ordinary film and run of the mill editing, he truly emphasizes on the moment and vision of film making. Taking his rank to the top Costa Rica wedding videographer hasn’t been the easiest task, but being the best Costa Rica wedding videographer should be a whole next step to making it to the best place in the world. Costa Rica wedding videographers need to know the ins and outs of the country and make being a Costa Rica wedding videographer one of the best industries around.  

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